– The War on Drugs -What happened to The War on Poverty?

Change has to come.  But it does not have to be bloody.  Yes, local elections, won in large numbers, can change things if the Federal government allows the change.  But at the same time, I am convinced, we must have cultural change in order for the practical changes to take hold.  Otherwise there will be no understanding of the importance of the changes, and no will to make the sacrifices needed for the changes to come about.
1. Get people thinking in terms of cooperation -I am my Brother’s (and Sister’s) Keeper
2. Get people thinking in terms of humanity rather than indivuals:
1.) start using the Human Era (Holocene Calendar) (2014 AD =12014 HE)
2.) start encouraging workers cooperatives, food coops, consumer coops, and babysitting coops
3.)  teach everyone why Voluntary Simplicity is important, and walk together.
4.)  share the facts that water can make you healthier, and share brown rice together at meals -Oh, yes:  Share Meals together with neighbors and friends!

3.  Petitions, letters and walking, of course.  Walking to the library, coop, or work, and walking in peaceful demonstrations as well as walking to the offices of lawmakers.

Many more suggesions have obviously been made at the policy level by many people, such as stregthening the Public Library system and a single payer Universal Health Care System with housing reform that ensures we all have housing.  This is all local level or State level implementation that winning local elections would help with, but education and cultural change cements.  Even just starting to talk and think in different ways is a possible start.
Be well, everyone,
UN Date: Saturday, October 21. 12014 H.E. (Holocene Era)

Published by EmpathyCriticalThinking

A fictional ranger reporting on Babylon 5 history during the human Holocene Era... (for further information, please see http://ShiraDest.wordpress.com )

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