– Martin Luther King -Rabbinical Commentary poster inspired a Novel


This speech, treated as a sacred text, inspired me to write my first practice Novel RealDraft6Creator Friend or Foe Beginnings


Today’s ‘normal’ date is: Sat Dec 20 2014 12:59:48 GMT+0100 (Romance Standard Time)
Today’s U.N. Date is: Wednesday, December 20. 12014 H.E. (Holocene Era)

Published by EmpathyCriticalThinking

A fictional ranger reporting on Babylon 5 history during the human Holocene Era... (for further information, please see http://ShiraDest.wordpress.com )

0 thoughts on “– Martin Luther King -Rabbinical Commentary poster inspired a Novel

  1. To write? Give meaning to someone else’s death: Write the biography

    The question haunts me: why could someone, previously

    functional, be broken by time, the currents of events and the

    coldness of a system, despite his brilliance?

    Yet to create is so much more difficult than to destroy. I

    would so have loved to be a serial killer, to laugh at those who

    blindly cling to our property system, despising those who go

    down in the flames of homelessness while they themselves

    clutch at their meager (or vast) possesions as they sink in the

    mire of greed and competition. While they go down, they sing

    the hymns of empires, missing the irony.

    Yet, to create takes time. First, you build something that

    looks like shit, and falls down. Then, you build again. It still

    looks like shit, but it stands up. Of course, people passing by

    see it and say ‘hey -that looks like shit!’ without a thought for

    the time it took to learn how to make the damned thing stand

    up to begin with. After four or five (or ten) tries, you finally

    have something that stands up, does its job, and even looks


    Let’s build a world community that actually does the job of

    helping each human being reach his or her full potential, and

    that also, eventually, looks good.

    Universal Date: Saturday, 7 January, 12015 HE (Human Era)

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  2. Not a ‘third culture kid’ and not Asbergers, as previously thought. The sense of not belonging, of being alien, too polite or humble, not understanding other people, lack of ‘bullshit meter’ was no accident -it came from the grooming process and the power given to the abusers (first at 6, then at 15 yrs old) by my guardians; how could I have known not to trust them, and how could I have refused to obey ?

    Now, how do I undo the damage ?

    April, 12015 HE (Human/Holocene Era)

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    1. regarding eating disorders, obesity is often cited as a possible result of CSA, but in the Black community (as I was often denigrated for being skinny), the opposite is the case -a girl is less attractive if she is underweight, and in my case, under-eating killed 2 birds with one stone, since I also stopped menstruating, which left me with less mess to deal with, and I could take control over my own life by refusing something that I saw as a waste of time and money: food.

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