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– overcoming PTSD via new neural pathway creation??

Bloody hell -so that’s how it works!!

While she doesn’t do any brain mapping herself, Chard says this altered biology makes sense based on the fact that, as children, we are only just beginning to conceptualize the world by organizing experiences into categories. She gives this analogy, which she uses with her clients: “You see a two-year-old run up to a dog and say, ‘Doggy!’ And then she sees a cat, and she doesn’t have a schema for cat yet, so she says ‘Doggy!’ Mom says ‘Kitty,’ but everything four legs and furry is doggy until the child develops more categories.

“And then I look at my clients and say, ‘Where’s the category for child abuse?’ When you’re five, there isn’t one. The brain doesn’t have a place to store that kind of event, so it ends up bouncing around—not stored well at all in terms of a past, processed event. So what we do in therapy is bring it up, process it, make neurotransmitter connections, make sense of it with a new schema, and put it away.”


Ok; now I see why it is important to re-call the experiences rather than either try to forget, or plan B.  Thank nature that the brain is sufficiently flexible (I was diagnosed in 1994 with PTSD and still criticised by a partner in 2013 for looking around all the time and jumping when a bus went by, but I thought I was being discreet -at least I no longer have major panic attacks…)


March, 12015 HE

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  1. Can writing re-write our path…

    “we cannot escape our origins. Mine is particularly contentious:

    -“wild little Indian!” -“we’re Black, @!*&-it!” -“high-yella” -greeted upon arrival in 1981 northern VA from up north with “N!@@&r!” (I admit to looking around in surprise, and seeing no one else, realizing that he meant ME!!) -told in 1994 Baltimore, MD that “the races don’t mix.’ -(True: race does not exist.)

    My Turkish co-workers and neighbors were shocked to find out I am of African descent (by my reaction to Hurricane Katrina), while my FM-3 (Mexican Work Visa) listed me as a “mulata clara”.

    You can see why I prefer to identify as just a human being. “

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