– Libraries’ Transformative Powers

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29 November 12015 HE


As a student of international development with a boundless love of libraries, I delighted in reading this article from Slate about “The Library’s Global Future.” My involvement in the education sector stemmed from my conviction that education, and libraries by extension, are vital to improving political and economic climates, preventing human rights abuses, and encouraging strong civil societies in developing (and developed!) countries.

As sad as I am to see that a future full of libraries with diminished catalogs of physical books, at least libraries will likely remain in some form as useful spaces for public discourse and inter-connectivity, both in person and via access to the Internet. I would love for the libraries of the future to continue pushing their purview further by providing an increasing array of public services, such as therapy groups and skills trainings. While I applaud the work that the Gates Foundation and others have…

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  1. Libraries will continue to exist as community centers and creative spaces as well as repositories for knowledge. Print books will still stand side by side with digital resources, because people want them as a break from screens, and also because they remain less expensive for libraries to purchase than EBooks. What I have seen decline in public libraries are literacy and ESL volunteer programs. Not sure why, as the need in both of those areas remain high. Oh well. If i were to build my library career again I would get an MLIS doubled with an MSW or a Masters in Counseling or Public Affairs to integrate therapeutic services in my library, particularly those that would engage people in arts.

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