– Words and their impact: important…

While watching El Ministerio del Tiempo with me, a friend commented that it was already passing the Bechdel test for sexism in films/TV shows in the first 20 minutes of the first episode, and then explained that the test also applies to racism in the media.  The importance of this is not just to hit political correctness marks, but to show the impact that words have on both our personal and our cultural development.

After watching the recent electoral campaign, I am more convinced than ever that we as a society need to learn how to think critically, to investigate fully, and above all, to put ourselves in the histories and shoes of the other (see the #SafetyPin movement…).  We need to learn to speak and think Non-Violently, and to think and act inclusively.  Not just for ourselves, but for our posterity.

If there is still a  habitable planet in another hundred years for our posterity, that is.  Even if not, who would want the coming generations to live in fear and aggression in what is left of humanity’s time on this earth?

Read, Write, Dream, Teach !

November 9th, 12016 HE

Published by EmpathyCriticalThinking

A fictional ranger reporting on Babylon 5 history during the human Holocene Era... (for further information, please see http://ShiraDest.wordpress.com )

0 thoughts on “– Words and their impact: important…

  1. It must! Experiments have shown that media violence increases violence in viewers. I don’t know what effect the flood of women who champion rump will have on the women’s movement. (See? That “rump” was a Freudian error). But perhaps we should not refer to those women as “ditsy” but something else, like just “women?” It certainly is difficult at times to swallow contempt and perhaps we ought not to be feeling contempt? That puts us a step above being human, doesn’t it? You know I support your position, just struggle with myself at times. I think we’re fighting evolution.

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    1. We, along with those fellow women who voted against their own interests, are fighting human nature itself, probably. But we have to: that’s what it means to be thoughtful, rather than living a life unexamined, no? This is why I find NVC and the Holocene Calendar so crucial: ways to put our shared values into practice…


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