– 30 January, 2019: Day 1 of Spring 2019 semester, SDCE High School … Classes

SyllabusMs. S. D. Jones Spring 2019 HSE and Diploma Syllabus: a Syllabus tells you the course schedule, what the course will be about, and what materials you will need for the course…

Lesson Plan for today follows below GrammarBook Link…

Note for when you finish this Diploma/Equivalency: the SD Promise gets you your first two years of Community College free!!

Our LearningToolbox: see lesson plans for daily additions, and see below for images of MindMap, ECC’s Essay Map and Cornell Note tools…

(Remember that you can always do harder or easier, or MORE, activities on Khan Academy if the assignment is too easy, etc…)

Take the Grammar PreTest, and then Go at your own pace after getting 100% right on the quiz of your choice!   GrammarBook.com…

Lesson Plan, 6-9pm, Wednesday, 30 January, 12019 HE
In our Learning Toolbox: this thought:
“The teacher … does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the
threshold of your own mind.” *
copy into your notes, and MindMap each word (what is a Mind Map??):
geo verb variable/constant Elimination
crust identify value Process of Elimination
plates agree number line
geologic agreement distance
epoch pronoun point(s)
6pm: Spend two minutes imagining the future that you want to help build.
Write one or two sentences explaining your goals.
6:10 Reading Comprehension: What does repetition tell you?
The earth’s crust is divided into plates, which are always moving. The history of the
earth is called “geologic time.” We are living in the Holocene epoch of geologic time.
Changes made to the earth by human beings have only been visible since the Holocene epoch began 12,000 years ago.

6:20 Continue on work from your folder (on Reading/Literature/Science/Social Studies).

7pm: Stand up & Stretch!
Grammar lecture: Identifying Verbs, & Agreement
What is a verb? What does a verb show? (action) Name some verbs (volunteer board
writers??). Does a verb always have to be in a sentence (can you make a sentence without a verb)?
What does a verb have to agree with, in English? (doy das da damos dais dan…)
Show agreement with Verbs named earlier (new volunteer board writers???)
Do online Verb ID and Agreement exercise, see links below…
7:15 Continue with Language Arts work from folders until 7:45; Break if desired, from 7:30-7:45
7:45 Math review warm-up Question: Before taking the name Shabbaz, why was Malcom X
called X? What was the X in his name? (Eliminate 3 choices!) Ask any math questions!!!
Work on your mathematics from folders…
8:20: Stand up & stretch, think about calendars.
Please write one sentence explaining what calendars you use, and why. What other
calendars do you know about?
8:22 Mathematics: Introduction to Absolute Value of a number (x): |x|
If you wanted to dig a hole five feet deep, and put a fence post up that would
stand five feet off of the ground (five feet high), how much wood would you need?
Let’s draw the distance between -5 (the hole’s depth) and 5 (the height of the
fence post) in two different ways: (volunteers?)
How far is the bottom of the hole from the ground?
How far is the top of the fence post from the ground?
What is the total distance (to tell us how much wood to cut)?
So how much would do we need for the fence post?
As an equation, that looks like |-5| + |5| = ?
So, Abs. Value of X (|x|) is the Distance from 0 to the number represented by the variable X.
What does this have to do with calendars? What calendars have a year 0?
Do online Absolute Value exercise:

 en32tens-e3-w-find-the-verb   Khan Academy Identifying Verbs activity    Subject-verb agreement worksheet      Khan Academy Subject verb agreement activity    AbsValWrksheetPlatoma9dh  Khan Academy Absolute Value activity   Day1ExitSlips
8:40 Exit Questions: 1. Write one sentence explaining why the Holocene epoch is
2. What math did you start working on at 7:45?
3. What is |-8|?
4. What is |15|?
8:45 Turn in Exit Slip, Dismissal
*This quotation contains a metaphor; Page 56 of The Prophet by Khalil Gibran.

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  1. This blog Post article is Fascinating and Timely. On January 7th, 2019 I started working part time at the Brooklyn Public Library in the Adult Education Centers. I’m a Literacy Resource Specialist for two Libraries. I do Community Outreach serving as a Liaison for Adult Learning Centers where Adult students can earn their High School Equivalency Diploma formerly known as the GED. All the testing, classes and instruction are given for Free. The Brooklyn Public Library also has Case Managers who can issues like Housing and childcare that might hinder Adult Learners from their goals.

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      1. Mostly I’m at the New Lots Library Branch doing Research but I’m also at the Canarsie Library branch doing community Outreach. The staff at both locations are wonderful! They help me when I have questions and include me in all the trainings. I feel so Blessed to be working with the Brooklyn Public Library Adult Learning Centers. Lots of Team Spirit and Happiness.

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