Day 3 of Spring Semester, 4th of February, 2019

how to organize an essay

from Day 3:


Lesson Plan, 6-9pm, Monday, 4 February, 12019 HE
In our Learning Toolbox:
copy into your notes, and MindMap each word (what is a Mind Map??):
reverberates conjunction (review) counting numbers Elimination
expression if…were… would (but) real numbers Process of Elimination
mood lie/lay whole number 30 x 30 Times Table
admiration sit / set natural numbers Patterns
pride rise / raise multiple multiplication table
6pm: Spend two minutes imagining ancient Greece:
Write one or two sentences explaining: If I could visit the Parthenon, why would
I? Or why wouldn’t you? (If you want to hear a story, write “Yes, I would like to hear a story” on your
paper, as well.) Please raise your hand when done.
6:02 Continue on work from your folder (on Reading/Literature/Science/Social Studies).
7pm: Stand up & Stretch!
Imagine you are a young girl living long ago, and what could
motivate her to risk her life for others. (P. 13, Tales from the Arabian Nights, D. Jo Napoli)
Why do you think the characters made the choices they did in this story?)
7:02-7:07 Reading Comprehension:
“That same love of his native city reverberates in his plays, and finds its highest
expression in the Oresteia.” *
What mood does this reading express?
Hint: see the last two L.A. vocabulary words for today: Definitions??
7:07-7:15 Grammar lecture: Conjunctions (review), if…were…(would…but…), lie/lay, etc.
What is a conjunction?
What does it do for us?
Name some examples (volunteer board writers??).
What does “If I were you…” mean?
Is it ever true? If…were… always means that something is not the case!
Before I lie down I will lay down my pen.
Do online if/were and lie/lay exercises online together
7:15 Continue with Language Arts work from folders until 7:45; Break if desired, from 7:30-7:45
7:45 Math review warm-up Question: What numbers did the ancient Greeks use for counting?
1. negative numbers
2. whole numbers
3. imaginary numbers
4. irrational numbers
(Eliminate 3 choices!) Ask any math questions!!!
Work on your mathematics from folders…
8:20: Stand up & stretch, think about counting.
Please write one sentence explaining what counting numbers are, and why they are
different from other numbers. What other kinds of numbers do you know about?
8:22 Mathematics: Introduction to Real numbers
If you wanted to find all multiples of the whole number 5, how would you count?
Let’s draw the 5‘s column of the Multiplication Table and see all of the multiples
of 5: (volunteers?)
What kind of numbers are we using to count by 5s?
So, multiples of 5 are the product of 5 and what other numbers?
As an equation, that looks like 5x = ?
What multiples would the numbers 10 and 2 share?
What is the lowest number that both 10 and 2 have in common?
Do online exercises:

Khan Academy conjunctions practice  Interactive lie/lay quiz   Khan Academy LCM practice 33×33 Times Table Chart helps, 33MultTableespecially if you write it by hand!!   3rdDayExitSlips
8:40 Exit Questions: 1. When did Socrates criticize the Athenian Democracy?
2. How many years ago was 500 BCE?
3. What is an LCM?
4. Will I lie my pen down, or lay my pen down?
8:45 Turn in Exit Slip, Dismissal
*This quotation comes from p. 204, The Trial of Socrates, by I. F. Stone.

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