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Day 4, Spring semester, 5 February, 2019

Day 4 Lesson Plan: Tuesday, 5 February, 2019

(see table of online practice links at bottom, after lesson plan:)

Lesson Plan, 6-9pm, Tuesday, 5 February, 12019
In our Learning Toolbox: this thought:  “Know Thyself…” *
Vocabulary: Copy into your notes, and MindMap each word (what is a Mind Map??):
empire nouns prime number context
dictator pronouns composite number figure out from context
absolute ruler subject product outlining
Mediterranean object factor outline your ideas
east/west parts of a sentence Roman Numerals organize your choices

6pm: Spend two minutes imagining ancient Rome.
Write one or two sentences explaining: I think about X when I hear or see the
word Rome.
6:02 Continue on work from your folder (on Reading/Literature/Science/Social Studies).
7pm: Stand up & Stretch!
7:02 Reading Comp.: What is context? How can you understand words from the context?
Would making an outline help to organize your possible choices for meanings?
By 70 BCE, Rome’s Mediterranean empire was composed of Anatolia (modern-day
Turkey) in the east, Spain in the west, and everywhere in between. In 46 BCE a powerful Roman general, Julius Caesar, marched his armies on Rome. He became a dictator, governing as an absolute ruler.
What is context?
From the context, what do you think a dictator is?
Where are Anatolia, Turkey, and Spain?
Volunteers, who would like to define the words empire, composed of, Mediterranean, and
absolute ruler?
7:07 Grammar lecture: Nouns/pronouns, subject/object
What is a noun?
What is a pronoun? (takes place of a noun)
What is the subject in a sentence? Does every sentence have a subject?
Subject Pronouns: (Who is doing the action?)
I we
you you
he, she, it they
What is the object in a sentence? (gets acted upon…)
Does every sentence have an object?
Object Pronouns:
me us
you you
him, her, it them
What subject pronoun appears in today’s reading?
Subject and object pronouns in sentences. Examples:
subject verb object
He talked to me.
You told them.
She joined us after dinner.
Do online exercise, (Khan Academy)
7:15 Continue with Language Arts work from folders until 7:45; Break if desired, from 7:30-7:45
7:45 Math review warm-up Question: When was BCE? What does CE mean?
What is 2018 CE? Ask any math questions!!!
Work on your mathematics from folders…
8:20: Stand up & stretch, think about outlines.
Please write one sentence explaining when 70 BCE was, and why. About how long ago
was that? Draw a BCE/CE number line showing then up to now.
8:22 Mathematics: Roman numerals and Prime Numbers
If you wanted to outline ideas for new a paragraph, how would you begin?
What do I, II, III, and V mean? What is a prime number? Are these prime #s?
What is IV, and why? What is a product? What is a factor?
What is a composite number?
Do Khan Academy …  (see links below)
8:40 Exit Questions: 1. Write one sentence explaining why a composite # is not a prime #.
2. What math questions did you have at 7:45? Were they answered?
3. About how many years ago did Julius Caesar become Rome’s first
8:45 Turn in Exit Slip, Dismissal
*This quotation comes from a famous saying from the ancient Greeks (the Oracle at Delphi).


Khan Academy Subj Obj practice PRONOUNsPgs1to4
Khan Academy Prime Factorization practice FactorsPrimesWksheetDoPgs1and2 optional Fun ExtraSolving Multiplication Story Problems

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