Beat the odds by learning a language? These ancient Literate Ladies did…

I enjoyed writing this post so much that I thought I’d repost it with some action items, now that I am relearning a few computer languages to get back in to my old line of work (Women in STEM rocked back in the late 80’s, kids!!): 1.) learn a word that sounds the same, but means something different in two ‘neighboring’ languages, like French and Spanish: Si!! Or Greek and Turkish: Nai!!/Ne?? Then: (2.) spend 5 minutes journaling about how that word could cause major misunderstandings between two neighboring countries!! ūüôā Talk amongst yourselves -about your Public Library’s online catalogue!!

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

Ask Tamar, Ruth, and Scheherazade.
◊®÷∂◊í÷∑◊ʂĶ Rega‚Ķ Wait, you say:
Scheherazade is not in the Bible, she is from the Thousand and One Nights, originally in Arabic, or maybe partly in Persian, but certainly not in Hebrew;
This, you remember!

Ok, point taken, her book was not in Hebrew, but Arabic is a sister language.   More on this shortly…

Tamar was a Canaanite woman, and so had to learn Hebrew, or Judah’s dialect of Hebrew at the very least.
Ruth, a native of Moab, had to learn the Hebrew of the time of Naomi.
Scheherazade, at the palace, had to learn the hardest languages of all: the languages of heartbreak, of story, and of love.

So, you see, Scheherazade’s story is the same as that of her Biblical sisters: she was a clever woman faced with a survival situation in a man’s world. And she, like…

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