– Lesson plan from Day 2: Context, P.L. Dunbar, and the Nile, 2019

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RePosting lesson plan from last year (though part of the grid is missing from the original post, no time to fix it just yet, sorry…) in hopes that it will help home-schooling High Schoolers and even Middle School students…

Lesson Plan, 6-9pm, Thursday, 31 January, 12019 HE

In our Learning Toolbox: this thought: “Keep a-plugin’ away…” *

Vocabulary:  Copy into your notes, and MindMap each word (what is a Mind Map??):

river banks

verb tense





6pm: Spend two minutes imagining ancient Egypt.
Write , one or two sentences explaining: If I were an ancient Egyptian, why
would I love the Nile river?
6:02 Continue on work from your folder (on Reading/Literature/Science/Social Studies).
7pm: Stand up & Stretch!
Reading Comp.: What is context? How can you understand words from the context?

The ancient Egyptians lived along the banks of the Nile river. The Nile’s annual flood
cycle was essential to the development of ancient Egypt. Every year the river flooded the
valley, enriching the soil with silt and minerals. The ancient Egyptians believed their pharaohs to be gods who reigned even after death, so their tombs were very important. The largest tomb, called the Great Pyramid, was built in 2530 BCE.
What is a science word for putting things back into someplace?

If you wanted to explain how long ago the Great Pyramid was built, how would you begin?

Which was a longer time ago, 500 BCE or 1776 CE?


Let’s draw the distance between 500BCE and 50 BCE: (volunteers?) How far is 500BCE from 50BCE? Where is Year 0 BCE/CE?

What is the total distance from 500BCE to 1776 (to tell us how many years have passed)? How can we draw any positive number x to show that it is less than any positive number y?

How can we draw any negative number x to show that it is less than any negative number y?

Can we show them both at the same time?

Could you use a number line to do subtraction?

What other tools can you use to help you do subtraction problems?

8:40 Exit Questions: 1. What is |-15|? 2. What is |15|? 3. Draw x


Verb Tenses: To Be   and

Khan Academy verb tenses practice  Number Line and Subtraction


Khan Academy Greater Than/Less Than


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