Algebra and The Three Rs for brain growth, 12020 HE (Holocene Era)

Day21 Lesson Plan, March 7th, 12019 HE Grammar:essay writing (on paper): today, the Reading is via Closed Captions: Math Warm-up: Area and estimation on Khan Academy Practice Multiplying Powers: the Product Rule Practice Dividing Powers: the Quotient Rule Day21ExitSlips

This Algebra lesson plan was part of my attempt to inspire my class by using Constructivist teaching methods to connect various topic areas while learning the algebra at the same time.  Fall semester students reacted a bit more enthusiastically than my Spring semester students, but I was not able to use group work with my Adult education and GED students because they were each working on such different topic areas.

Here is the  GED lesson plan, day 21, a bit early:

Lesson Plan, 6-9pm,  originally posted for class on Thursday, March 7th, 12019 HE (Holocene Era, the Holocene Calendar)
In our Learning Toolbox:
LearnStorm via Khan Academy (ways to grow your brain, and grow our society…): The 3 Rs
 Recognize: What are some indications that you are frustrated?
 Remind: What can you say to remind yourself that frustration is ok?
 Reset: a short walk, count to 10, deep breaths, imagine…
Copy into your notes, and Mind Map each word or phrase:
Reading Comp. Vocab. Grammar Vocabulary Math Vocabulary Test-taking Skills

Essay Writing: Body paragraphs
Breaking task down into smaller pieces, reasons for your thesis
Exponents,  products/quotients,  X, Y coordinates
Separation of powers: Law Makers, legislative Branch:

6pm: 1.
Write one or two sentences explaining what you think might be the differences between
the Congress and the California State Assembly.

2. optional easy math warm-up: (This activity is on Area and exponents, to foreshadow X,Y
coordinates via estimation of square roots.)
6:02 Continue on work from your folder (on Reading/Literature/Science/Social Studies).
7pm: Stand up & Stretch, if you wish…
7:00 to 7:07 Reading Comprehension
7:07 to 7:15 Grammar lecture, using the passage below.
7:15 to 7:25 Math lecture, also using this same passage.
7:25-7:30 We do 1st question/problem from each online worksheet together, then you finish
the online activities from all lectures individually on the classroom computers.
Mathematics work online and/or in books from 7:45 until 8:45.
7:00-7:07: Reading Comp.: use Closed Captions on videos
Today’s Passage: (Today’s reading
comes from Closed Captions for the Hard of Hearing…)
Write three sentences explaining what a bill is, please.
7:07 Grammar lecture part2/4: Essay Writing –the Body Paragraphs:
Section II of your essay outline will be the first Body paragraph: your Pros paragraph.
-Note: this paragraph should match
1.) the second sentence of your Introductory Paragraph, which will match
2.) the second clause or phrase in your Thesis sentence, in greater detail.
Please write
1.) one thesis sentence to show me at the end of class or for tomorrow,
2.) one essay outline that matches this thesis sentence, with word
7:15 Mathematics Topic: multiplying and dividing Exponents
Because, Sometimes a problem is easier to solve in an equivalent form…
Exponents rules and properties:
Quotient rules: (Source: and
Multiplication is repeated addition, so a n⋅ am= a, raised to the (n+m)
Division is repeated subtraction, so a n/ am= an-m
Today, we have two different math activities to choose from: an easier one and
a more challenging one.
First, let’s do the first online math worksheet problem together:
Now, let’s do the first problem from the more challenging one:
7:30 Please
1.) Finish your outline and thesis sentence, and
2.) do the remainder of the easier online math worksheet:
8pm: continue to work on mathematics
8:40 Exit Questions: 1. Please write one sentence explaining how you can use outline to
organize your essay.
2. What is a body paragraph?
3. Which sentence (in the introductory paragraph) tells us what the
body paragraphs will discuss?
4. Write in mathematical terms and show: what is the approximate
length of the side of a field which is 46 square feet?
8:45 Turn in Exit Slip, Dismissal

Quotes for a previous related post came from a recent ProPublica article co-published with The New Yorker.

Let’s #EndPoverty , #EndHomelessness, & #EndMoneyBail starting by improving these four parts of our good #PublicDomainInfrastructure 4:
1. #libraries,
2. #ProBono legal aid and Education,
3. #UniversalHealthCare, and
4. good #publictransport
Read, Write, Ranked Choice Voting and Housing for ALL!!!!, Walk !

#PublicDomainInfrastructure #StopSmoking for CCOVID-19

scheduled during the summer:  August, 12020 HE

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