As Mr Garibaldi informed your human reporter, working for your news agency ISN, de Franklin is offered an adventure by an old professor of his, while the esteemed profs subordinate was murdering a customs officer in one of the station’s docking bay.

The doctor showed what you humans call grouchy behavior both to Garibaldi and to his old professor.

The doctor, for some reason, missed signs that even one of my people would have noticed. It was clear from his arrival that the doctors old professor was lying. And that the professor was also using the doctors own vice, his ego, to manipulate him. Why do you Humans alow this?

Martian war machine, about the common cold?

Dr franklin, to his credit, questioned the motives of a human corporation, ipc, the one that financed the… And again, the doctor allowed …

Mr. Garibaldi informed the reporter how, after walking many miles through a desert, he became close friends with Commander Sinclair, before a shameful attempt on her part to make Garibaldi lose face.

Commander Sinclair and Garibaldi were then forced to confront the professor regarding an artifact found on the dead planet from which it had been taken. Fortunately, they were less willing to be deceived than the doctor. Like Lt commander Ivanova, her warning of “Don’t. You’re too young to experience that much pain.” Applied implicitly to the professor, without Sinclair having to say the words. Again, showing the wisdom which would later make up much wisdom from our world, the wisdom from which we would learn. Except, perhaps, for his early habit performing duties which could have been delegated his security personnel.

But then, the commander had to do that which only one of his wisdom could do: to convince a living machine that purity does not exist except in mathematics. You Humans would take a very long time to be able to learn that lesson from Delenn.

In the end, the commander was successful, and the doctor had to confront his old professor, who tried again to stain the honor of your doctor, this time unwilling to be manipulated by his old teacher.

And Garibaldi risked their friendship to be honest with Commander Sinclair. True to his growing wisdom, the commander overcame his pride to thank his old friend Garibaldi.

Doctor franklin, in reflecting on the problem of purity, was reminded of the words of Santayana by lt commander Ivanova. Both the mistakes of the past and the survival in the future, of a species are connected to pride, ego, and purity not of flesh, but of motivates.

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A fictional ranger reporting on Babylon 5 history during the human Holocene Era... (for further information, please see )

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