Phases of the Four Freedoms Movement

This page is under on-going development as a better way of explaining the Four Freedoms movement, taken from a comment on the current explanation of this movement, which starts with Phase IV, working backward to Phase I, which is the current phase.

The phases do not yet have years listed, nor links to the various phases, but I’ll be adding those shortly, as I get feedback on the ideas, like this reply to the above link:

I’ve outlined these phases as chapters in a book that will discuss the ideas more fully, once I finish thinking them through, and getting constructive thoughts from friends.

I hope for this movement to be a full-scale implementation of FDR’s 4 freedoms, starting with the freedom from fear, which I see as being wrapped up part and parcel with the freedom from want:
-even your own bedsit/room with a kitchenette (pref. with a small bathroom, too) gives you both freedom from the want of housing, but also the safety, if the Tiny Apartments are designed well, like a very good hotel room/suite, with separate ventilation (if those really exist), well-sealed and sound-proofed with good locks.
-public transportation that is safe and used by the middle and upper classes as well as by the working classes and the poor solves the want of transportation, but also makes our sidewalks safe to walk on, and safe (with SIDEWALK Cuts: Get It Done San Diego…) bike lanes like they have up in Canada, kept away from the cars, which also makes driving safer for drivers as well: each want that we solve also adds to the safety of us all, or am I missing a piece?
-freedom of worship is part of Phase 0:
the Empathy-building stage.
In theory, we have that freedom already, but in practice, freedom of worship is also a safety issue, so part of freedom from fear, I think (but I am sure I am forgetting or missing something there…)
-freedom of speech:
for me, that is an issue of equality of power, civility and graciousness, and education and critical thinking, that we allow all voices to be heard, and that we respond civilly, politely, intelligently, and graciously: those are values which are bound together with empathy and safety, thus, once again, falling under that same practical implementation of freedom from fear, which translates at least partly into freedom from want (and into Phase I’s pro-bono legal and financial education, as well as Phase II’s Adulthood pre-requisites of the three types of self-defense: financial, emotional, and physical).

So, in short:
I am trying to build a plan that would implement all 4 of FDR’s stated freedoms, in a phased in program that builds a movement across about the next 40-60 years or so.
If that makes sense?

I also plan to add a page or post on family history research for restorative justice, related specifically to the #GU272, and other universities making scholarships or other types of in-kind reparations available to descendants of slaves held by those institutions. I’m not yet sure where to fit this work in the various phases of the movement, but I think it is important.

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