Sacred Study Saturdays, TV shows for Torah reading, and Adulting Ed.

Part of Adulting, which is part of Phase I of the Four Freedoms movement, is learning how one learns best independently, both to keep learning, and to help others to learn.  I learned that some of my favorite science fiction shows can help me learning the difficult names found in the Torah!  🙂 – 2012-12-02StarContinue reading “Sacred Study Saturdays, TV shows for Torah reading, and Adulting Ed.”

– 5 reasons to learn a language

1.) Sihirli Annem: my favorite family TV series -fights racism and class-based prejudice in Turkey,  (as well as Yabanci Damat which promotes Greek-Turkish friendship…), 2.) Corazon Salvaje 1993 for Mexican Spanish,   and 3.) El Ministerio del Tiempo for Castilian Spanish, as a formerly dominant world language, now building awareness of racism, and fighting hatred onContinue reading “– 5 reasons to learn a language”

– History and B5 and Chanting, Oh My!!!

I’ve finally done (sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to prevent my backposted entries from showing up in the Reader.) sorting through entries in my old LiveJournal.  I hope that lessons I’ve tried to draw from previous ideas, plans and attempts at businesses, cooperatives and community organising can be of use to others.  I’ve triedContinue reading “– History and B5 and Chanting, Oh My!!!”

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