French Friday and the 1001 Nuits, on Hoshanah Rabbah, 5781

It is the last non-fullHoliday day (last Chol HaMoed day, but also a half-holiday) of Sukkot, as we leave off celebrating the new year of 5781. And I’m celebrating with chocolate, as I listen to the 1001 Nights/Nuits, in French. Here is where I am in my study of French this week: I love theContinue reading “French Friday and the 1001 Nuits, on Hoshanah Rabbah, 5781”

– COVID-19: What would Astérix do? (Learn a language to find out!)

Que ferait-il #Astérix le Galois dans ce periode de cris ? What would Asterix the Gaul do during this time of crisis? Undoubtedly, he would call upon the esteemed local Druid, Panoramix, to teach the villagers what to do. And certainly, Panoramix would say: “Il faut absolument pas fumer, parce que ça agrave beaucoup lesContinue reading “– COVID-19: What would Astérix do? (Learn a language to find out!)”

– 5 reasons to learn a language

1.) Sihirli Annem: my favorite family TV series -fights racism and class-based prejudice in Turkey,  (as well as Yabanci Damat which promotes Greek-Turkish friendship…), 2.) Corazon Salvaje 1993 for Mexican Spanish,   and 3.) El Ministerio del Tiempo for Castilian Spanish, as a formerly dominant world language, now building awareness of racism, and fighting hatred onContinue reading “– 5 reasons to learn a language”

– Revu/Review: Ma Bible des Huiles Essentielles

Ma Bible Des Huiles Essentielles by Danièle Festy My rating: 5 of 5 stars Huiles Essentielles, huiles végétales qui viennent avec et même les voies d’administration pour chaque maladie ! On ne peut pas terminer de lire ce livre, cars c’est trop bon, trop plein et trop utile ! Essential oils, vegetable oils that goContinue reading “– Revu/Review: Ma Bible des Huiles Essentielles”

– Reveiw/Revu: Le Nombre d’Or

Le nombre d’or – Le langage mathématique de la beauté by Fernando Corbalán My rating: 3 of 5 stars Très intéressantes, les instructions pour faire un compas d’or ! Very interesting  instructions for making a Golden Compass! Read, Write, Run, Teach ! ShiraDest 11 jan, 12016 èH 12016 HE View all my reviews

– Rev: Jour des Fourmis, and Lesson: Biblical Hebrew

First, the review of Le Jour des fourmis by Bernard Werber My rating: 2 of 5 stars I found this book disappointing due to the increased spiritualism and preachiness, which his first book in this series touched on, but not nearly as heavily. He also gets a few things wrong that begin to become annoyingContinue reading “– Rev: Jour des Fourmis, and Lesson: Biblical Hebrew”

– Review/Revu: Les Fourmis

Les Fourmis by Bernard Werber My rating: 4 of 5 stars Don’t kill any more ants!! This book is worth learning French to read. Honestly. It had me worrying for the fate of an ant by page 40! Fascinating swap of perspectives, and hair-raising cliff-hanger ending. I have the 3rd book in this trilogy, butContinue reading “– Review/Revu: Les Fourmis”

– Review of Jour de silence à Tanger by Tahar Ben Jelloun

CheckOut This Book on WorldCat… Jour de silence à Tanger by Tahar Ben Jelloun My rating: 4 of 5 stars This was a fascinating read, with a beautiful ending. It touched on relationships between generations, races, friends and family. A short yet complex read, very well-written. It is making me re-think the reasons that aContinue reading “– Review of Jour de silence à Tanger by Tahar Ben Jelloun”

– Review of Loup, by Nicolas Vanier

Loup by Nicolas Vanier My rating: 4 of 5 stars (la traduction français est on bas…) This was a very interesting and well-written coming-of-age story. (I’d like to see the 2009 film version.) Vanier manages early on to build reader sympathy for a predator which he show as such, in detail. He also surprised meContinue reading “– Review of Loup, by Nicolas Vanier”

– Review/Revu: Purgatoire des innocents, Karine Giebel

Purgatoire des innocents by Karine Giébel My rating: 3 of 5 stars (English after French…) Honte d’avoir survécu, haine contre soi même de n’avoir pas su se protéger, envie abandonner. Effrayant, vachement important à lire. Guilt for surviving, self-hated for being unable to protect yourself, just wanting to give up. Gut-wrenching, horrifically important to read.Continue reading “– Review/Revu: Purgatoire des innocents, Karine Giebel”

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