Day 59/67 of GED in Five Months, elements of an argument, and elements of a molecule

We use words every day, which many have different meanings in different contexts.  Pros, cons, and rebuttals are elements of a basic argumentative essay, while hydrogen and helium are basic chemical elements.  Language is important, and shouldn’t it be? Today’s reading starts looking at one of the basic tools of understanding the world around us:Continue reading “Day 59/67 of GED in Five Months, elements of an argument, and elements of a molecule”

Thoughtful Thursdays, Health Care, and NaNoWriMo for mental health management?

While Universal Health Care would help many people managing a wide variety of illnesses, mental, emotional, and physical, there are stop-gap measures that one can take as an individual, as well.  Here is what I learned during NaNo2015WriMo… – My second practice novel actually started on Wattpad , but much easier to track the deadlineContinue reading “Thoughtful Thursdays, Health Care, and NaNoWriMo for mental health management?”

Ancient Greek Wednesday, pedal-powered writing, and Health Care

The ancient Greeks probably would have approved of the author who wrote her 2nd novel using a pedal-powered laptop.  Why?  Well, not only was she keeping her mind sound by writing, and her body sound by pedaling, but she was also taking care of her intellectual health (if one considers writing to be related toContinue reading “Ancient Greek Wednesday, pedal-powered writing, and Health Care”

Moody Mondays, Community Cooperation, and Adulting Education

As part of the responsibility for knowing how cooperation had previously taken place in order to improve cooperation in our present and future, I recommend that you read my free and short book: – Seeking reviews for my second book, available for free, on Community Cooperation and shared history in the Nation’s Capital (applicable allContinue reading “Moody Mondays, Community Cooperation, and Adulting Education”

Thoughtful Thursdays and is organization a sign of poor Self-Health Care?

Or the lack of organisation? And a side comment on the need for Universal Health Care: writing is so often fraught with the dangers our past traumas uncover, or prevent us from covering, that yet another reason we need far more accessible, affordable, and long-term trauma (especially childhood based and C-PTSD trained trauma specialists) therapy,Continue reading “Thoughtful Thursdays and is organization a sign of poor Self-Health Care?”

Great Greek Wednesdays becomes how libraries help writers

Not only as faithful patrons of the Public Library system, set up by Benjamin Franklin for civic purposes, but also as starving artists… — Here is How (NOT) to Write a Practice Novel, based on my experience writing Creator: Friend or Foe, Book 1: Beginnings; Draft #6! At the end of September, on the 26th,Continue reading “Great Greek Wednesdays becomes how libraries help writers”

Moody Mondays and writing as Personal Health Care?

When long-term therapy is limited by the insurance powers that be, try writing a novel instead? –For the record, I have found writing to be a balm, in fact, but in combination with other tools, particularly journalling of various kinds… And here is how that went, in 2012: My novel, originally titled Angels: Friends orContinue reading “Moody Mondays and writing as Personal Health Care?”

Moody Mondays, libraries, pantsing, and how emotions show in writing

First of all, none of the writing that I have done could have happened without access to the DC Public Library and the ILL system connected to both the Montgomery County Library system, from which I had to request books rather often, and also without access to the Library of Congress, as I needed accessContinue reading “Moody Mondays, libraries, pantsing, and how emotions show in writing”

Spanish Sundays becomes novel planning errors

Or non-planning errors, actually.  Looking back on my first novel writing attempt, which was my 2012 NaNoWriMo novel (which I call a Practice Novel, having heard the phrase somewhere else online), I see that some sort of planning would have helped, alot! Instead, I wrote everyday, finishing about 70k words, I believe, but looking backContinue reading “Spanish Sundays becomes novel planning errors”

Slaves, flaming swords, and re-outlining a novel

There are only two more weeks left in Preptober, with only 13 more days to go before the start of NaNoWriMo! — So my WiP is still about escaped slaves, escaping slaves, former slaves, and a slave holder and catcher or two, with a few assorted other MCs to be mentioned later (if someone isContinue reading “Slaves, flaming swords, and re-outlining a novel”

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