– Articles in progress: 1.) marriage and community 2.) saftey via community

2012-04-03 14:38:00
articles (Still!!) in progress: 1.) marriage and community 2.) saftey via community
Marriage and community: the real true meaning importance of same-sex marriage and or why society we must should support all marriages.  Society exists to facilitate the maximization of potential of each member of society.
Couples give more to society if the community (society in miniature, molded to a group) support and encourage the couple to stay together and contribute as a stable couple to society.  A synergistic relationship forms where the couple gives more to the community, and is in turn reinforced by the community, enabling them to be more effective both as a couple and as members of the community. Both members of the couple and the community are able to accomplish more through this mutually beneficial relationship.
Marriage, for all couples, strengthens communities and creates synergistic relationships which keep us safe.
Economic Democracy, which as Dr. King pointed out, is the only true means of both riot prevention and thus of lasting social stability, requires a high level of cooperation
Preventing torture and sensless killings, such as that of Travon Williams, depends on the existence and maintainance of respect and trust within and between communities such that that can then cooperate effectively to prevent the dehumanization and hate crimes which ultimately result from lack of understanding and cooperative interaction between indivuduals and communities
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24 February, 12016 HE

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